All about the VIII Meeting of CLARCIEV

28 octubre, 2011

The VIII Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV) was held in Antigua, Guatemala, from October 18 to 21, 2011. Representatives of civil registries from 12 countries participated in the event. The region, as well as international experts working on the subject from international organizations (OAS, IDB, UNICEF, International Plan), civil society organizations and private sector companies working in the field.

On this occasion, the VIII meeting dealt with issues related to the institutional strengthening of civil registries in the region, and to that end, It concentrated the debate and the work in three thematic axes: institutional modernization, data protection and technology and interoperability.

For this edition was chosen a new format suggested by the members of CLARCIEV. In this way, each of the axes of work began with a master lecture given by an expert on the subject, which was followed by working groups among the participating states. The work sessions were guided by different facilitators, who elaborated concrete conclusions for the strengthening of the registry institutions.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by Mr. D Alvaro Colom, President of the Republic of Guatemala, Ms. Milagros Martínez, OAS Representative in Guatemala, Mr. Alberto Alonso y Coria (Mexico) President of CLARCIEV, and Mr. Jorge Matheu, National Director of RENAP.

The next event to be held was the first roundtable was held, where the «Subregistration Status» was dealt with. I count on presentations of:

THEMATIC AREA 1: Institutional Modernization

Lecture: Hegel Cortes Miranda, Director of the Civil Registry of Mexico City

Working Table # 1: Regulatory aspects for the modernization of the civil registry
Working Table # 2: Financing strategies and stages for the modernization of the civil registry
Working Table # 3: Operational and organizational processes and modernization plans
Workin Table # 4: The Human Capital as axis for the plans of modernization of the civil registry

Conclusions of the institutional modernization working groups

THEMATIC AREA 3: Technology and Interoperability

Lecture: Angélica Figueiredo. Papilionographer of the Federal Police. Brazil

Working Table # 1: Technological Innovation in Identity Matters
Working Table # 2: Standardization of Identity Documents
Working Table # 3: The Internet as a tool for the Registry Service
Working Table # 4: Social Networks and Communications

Conclusions of the technology and interoperability tables

After the working day, the VIII General Assembly of CLARCIEV was held, with limited access to the members of CLARCIEV. The assembly discussed organizational aspects of CLARCEIV, as well as the work plan for the future, and culminated with the approval of the Declaration of Guatemala.

Final Event Report: