UNICEF, UNFPA and the OAS organize the Caribbean Meeting on Best Practices on Civil Registration: Prompting Social Inclusion

On Monday September 27thover 13 countries in the Caribbean met in Grenada for 2 days to discuss best practices for the running of civil registries and to promote the importance of social inclusion for citizens of the region. The meeting was opened by the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Ambassador Albert Ramdin (click here for opening address) and was in attendance by Ministers responsible for Civil Registry and Registrar Generals as well as directors from UNICEF and UNFPA responsible for the Caribbean and Latin America.

The objective of the meeting was to Highlight the importance of establishing the political commitment to achieve the universal free and on time birth registration of all children of the Caribbean by the year 2015. To reach a consensus to establish a foundation for a Regional Action Plan led by the CARICOM and a firm commitment with each country for the elaboration of national action plans that establish specific goals, priorities, detailed timetables, and assign responsibilities for this purpose.
To share innovative experiences and best practices to strengthen horizontal cooperation among countries and alliances destined to achieve universal, free and on time birth registration for all the children in the Caribbean, with special emphasis on excluded populations.
To inform and bring awareness among public opinion in the Caribbean regarding the right to an identity and universal birth registration.
Presentations from Civil Registry representatives of Chile, Panama, Peru, Jamaica along with other experts showed the importance of modern business processes, security, and accuracy in not only collecting information on vital events, but the distribution of accurate vital records. Other presentations on Vital Statistics, Birth Registration, and Social Inclusion rounded up the sharing of information among countries.


Day 1

The civil registry and vital statistics role as tools for development plans
Toni-Shae Frekleton.-Acting Manager Population Unit Planning Institute of Jamaica
Country.-Colombia.-Dane.-Aldo Alexander Castillo/Representative Census and Demographics Direction

Child birth rate and death, management of IT and vulnerable population maps
Dr. Patricia Soliz.-Health Statistics Specialist PAHO
Country.-Panamá.-Sharon Dumanoir/ Directora del Registro Civil
Ms. Barbara Adams.-Deputy Programe Manager Regional Statistics CARICOM

Modernization and Best Practices in Civil Registries
Chile.-Civil Registry Director Christian Behm
Jamaica.-Civil Registry Director Patricia Holness

Day 2

Management of Biometric Systems and security features in breeder documents
CICTE/OAS-Brian Sullivan.-Project Officer
Country.-Jamaica.-Dr. Patricia Holness
IOM – Michela Machiavello
Peru.-Celia Saravia.-RENIEC representantive

Regional Databases integration for the achievement of interoperability
Microsoft.- Flavio Calonge.-Local and Regional Government Lead
OAS.-Paul Hughes

Social Inclusion and Birth Registration: migrant populations and statelessness
Anna Greene. UNHCR Senior Regional Protection Officer and Head of the Caribbean Unit
Dr. Brigida Sabino Pozo encargada de la Unidad Central de Declaraciones Tardías de la Junta Central Electoral, República Dominicana.

Defining strategies to deal with indigenous and populations living in remote rural areas. /Moderator. – OAS
Peru.-Celia Saravia.-RENIEC representantive
OAS.- Raul Esparza