CLARCIEV VII Meeting Ends in Asunción, Paraguay

19 octubre, 2015

The XII Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV) was held in Asuncion, Paraguay, from 6 to 9 October. The XII Meeting was organized by the Registry of Civil Status of Paraguay and the Program for the Universalization of Civil Identity in the Americas (PUICA) of the Department for Effective Public Management of the OAS.


The main theme of the XI Meeting was «Consolidating a Strategic Plan for an Identity Management Model in the Region». During the meeting, 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean discussed progress in reducing under-reporting in the region and successful experiences to provide better registration and identification services to all citizens. In addition, working groups were held among the registry managers of the countries.

The lecture by the Chief of the United Nations Population Statistics Section, Mr. Srdjan Mrkic, addressed the importance of measuring the 2015-2030 development goals recently approved by the United Nations, where the goal is «to provide A legal identity for all, in particular through birth registration «.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2020 of the Latin American and Caribbean Council for Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV) was also presented, which includes a management model for civil registries and was approved in the plenary session of the Council.

In addition, the situation of the Civil Registers was presented ten years after the creation of CLARCIEV. To this end, the results of the questionnaire «The Status of the Civil Registers of the Americas» were submitted and sent to all civil registries in the region. The presentation of results was the responsibility of the Executive Secretary of the Council, Steven Griner.

At the Assembly of CLARCIEV Member States, the presidency report currently being held by Guatemala and the Executive Secretariat of the Council served by PUICA / OAS was approved. During the assembly, Mexico was also designated as the site of the XIII CLARCIEV Meeting.


Meeting Agenda


Strategic Plan CLARCIEV 2015-2020

Methodology of Work and Lectures

Logistic Plan


The 2030 Development Agenda, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, Srdjan Mrkić

The Evolution of Civil Registries in the last 10 years, Steven Griner

The Civil Registry as an input for the elaboration and effective management of public policies, Juan Cruz Vieyra

Institutional Strengthening for the certification of Quality Management and information security under ISO standards, Alfonso Silva Romero

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