Who we are

21 paises forman parte de CLARCIEV

Who we are

CLARCIEV was created in 2005 as an organization that groups civil registration institutions in Latin America with the objective of providing a space for the exchange of experiences on registration and identification practices and promoting support between registries.

What do we do?

We seek to promote knowledge, experience, and transfer of information between civil registration offices in order to strengthen these institutions. In addition, it has the mission to promote the importance of the ‘right to identity’ in the region, creating awareness between member countries, as well as the general population in order to have solid civil registration institutions.

How do we do it?

An annual meeting is held at a host country where representatives of civil registration institutions throughout the region gather to discuss several related topics, expose the advances made on the matter, and reach a consensus on it. In addition, adapting to the technological age, CLARCIEV has launched an online platform as the fundamental mean of communication between civil registration offices, promoting the transfer of information and knowledge generation.


CLARCIEV has 21 members in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Every two years, at the CLARCIEV annual meeting, a director’s committee is elected in order to serve as a representative of all members of the institution and take the decisions necessary for its operations. The committee consists of one President and four vice-presidents; positions held by the directors of the region’s civil registration institutions.

Annual Meetings

CLARCIEV has anual meetings. Through conferences and workshops an exchange of information and knowledge is generated, updating institutions on the advances on civil registration practices, and tracing compromises for their continuous improvement. Each reunion defines its agenda based on a topic chosen by its members through the director’s committee. After each meeting a declaration is produced expressing the commitments established by the institutions to continue promoting their improvement.

Why is civil registration important?

Civil identity is one of the basic rights of every person, contributing to their protection and facilitating access to basic services such as health and education. In addition, a population that is adequately registered is essential for the strengthening of democratic governability in the region due to the fact that civil registration allows the full exercise of political rights.

For countries, the strengthening of their civil registration institutions is crucial in order to have access to accurate information about their population, allowing for the generation of adequate statistics which are thee base for development planning in areas such as health, education, and employment. Because of this, as long as the civil registration institutions remain strong, the greater the chances for progress in the region.