The IX Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV)

12 octubre, 2012

The Ninth Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV), ended in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. It brought together 17 Directors of the Civil Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean and international experts, who discussed criteria for the defense of the right to identity in the region.

The meeting aimed to analyze successful practices in civil registration and the fight against under-registration. On this occasion, issues related to transparency, technology, innovation, under-registration and interoperability of civil status were addressed. Lectures, working groups, reports of commissions and a presentation of results by country were also held.

The General Assembly of Member States took place, whose representatives discussed and approved the amendments to their statutes. The report of the Chair, the Executive Secretariat and the country report were then approved. Once this process was completed, the new President and the 5 new Vice-Presidents of CLARCIEV were elected. The main designation was the person of Jorge Yrivarren, national head of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status of Peru, while the vice presidencies were as follows: 1st Uruguay, 2nd El Salvador, 3rd Mexico, 4th, Colombia and 5th Guatemala. The Assembly ratified the OAS-PUICA as Executive Secretariat of the Council. In addition, it ruled that the Dominican Republic will host the X Meeting of CLARCIEV.

Download the Documents of the IX Ordinary General Assembly




Commission 1 Eradication of Underregistration

Commission 2 Good Practices

Commission 3 Training of Civil Registry Officials

Commission 4 Interoperability

Committee on Legal Affairs

Botswana presentation Neo C Lepang

Lecture about Gender Maria del Carmen Tamargo

Lecture by Mía Harbitz and Alejandra Torres from the IDB

Report of 2nd MCCR to Ecuador meeting M.Mubila

Register Education Service of Ecuador

Conclusions of the Working Tables

Lecture of the Bolivian Border Project

Lecture of the Paraguayan Border Project

Lecture of the Peruvian Border Project

Lecture CIEC – 2012 (Technical Secretariat)

Presentation Country Report (Executive Secretariat)